Why Train The Brain?


It is quite amazing how many tools are available for us to help train the brain, to think outside the square, handle ‘change management’ etc. We are quite often told to use our knowledge but sometimes we need to inhibit what we know so we can make new connections, allow change and knowledge to grow. We don’t always look to find the obvious…we often miss the obvious through wilful blindness. We don’t see what is around us and even when we find a solution to a problem we often stop and think, great job’s done, and then move on to the next project. In these fast moving times we don’t always consider all of the solutions available; we react instead of stopping – thinking – planning. Reactive thinking means that we sometimes miss the obvious. This is why training for staff, business owners and one of our most important muscles – the brain – is hugely important and needs constant attention. For change and innovation, and move your business into the future.

Please look at the dot in the middle of the triangle. How far up do you think the black dot is from the bottom of the triangle? Do you think it is two-thirds of the way? What you are seeing is based on your belief system than facts.


Grab a ruler – you will be surprised at the results. Sometimes we see our goals further away than they actually are – we are informed by what we think. We need to work on flexibility of the mind and creativity. So why train? I say why not! Business training is a necessary investment to help grow your business.

Look for training to enhance skills, push boundaries.

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