High School Programs

High School Programs


Cath Molloy has spent years working with high school students, identifying areas that are essential to a smooth transition into working life and further education.




The traditional education system doesn’t always comprehensively cover soft skills, as well as practical work skills, and some students are just too busy with extra-curricular activities, sport and study to have time to develop these on their own.

We have developed a program to assist current senior high school students, as well as a program for year 12 school leavers to help them excel in this period of their life.

These two programs are:

First Impressions lasting results for senior High School Students in Years 10-12

  • Covering behaviour styles and communication, our first 7 seconds, working in groups, planning and preparation
  • Incorporates the six deep learning competencies for creating a mindset, skill set and tool set for success, building confidence and courage

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Hayley Demick

After Year 12 I was unsure what I wanted to do. I needed help to decide which career to go into and knew that having extra training, skills and experience would help me stand out from other job seekers. I’ve found I have used all the skills I learnt in this program. Understanding more about body language and handshaking were particularly helpful. I am shy and learning the behaviour style profile has helped me feel more confident in interacting with customers. I’d recommend this for any school leavers to help build confidence.

Hayley found work less than two months after completing this program and loves her job. She’s now deciding whether to go on to further study.

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