Fresh Start

It seems to be the time for ‘out with the old and in with the new’. This year, our planning and goal setting is more an integration of ideas, the tried and trusted ‘Smarter’ method, combined with the colourful mind mapping created by Tony Buzan.



This wonderful method of making our goals come to life in colour has allowed us to be freer flowing, which is a reflection of the way the brain thinks through imagination and association.

The mind map helps to reflect externally what is going on in your head. Goal setting with the visualisation of colour may help us gain better success in our achievements.

Goal Setting and Mind Mapping

“Goals are dreams with deadlines” Be Specific…when setting goals Measure everything before you take Action – be accountable Is it Realistic – can it be done? Set a real Time frame If you’re not Enthusiastic about the goal how will it happen, and my favourite – Reward yourself and others for hitting and achieving your goals, so you are even more enthusiastic about setting the next goal.

What you focus on grows!

Seven easy steps to make a fresh start when you plan

1. Be clear about the little things you want

* What do I want to do every day?

* What do I want to achieve in 6 months?

2. Write down your plan. It’s easier to make a decision when you have a destination. Clarity emerges when you put pen to paper.

3. Determine why this plan is important. ‘Should” goals don’t count!

4. Craft clear-cut goals. Be Specific.

5. A goal can be big or small as long as it is meaningful.

6. Set a target date.

7. Take small steps – its process, it’s not magic.

8. Think KAIZEN – continuous improvement.

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