Connecting with other cultures is an integral part of modern day society as we continue to grow socially and economically. Auspac works closely with relations throughout China to provide:




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Enhance your Cultural Awareness in International Communication

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Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable as you haven’t connected in a way you would like?

If so, you will benefit from this communication workshop with Catherine Molloy. In this workshop Catherine will be sharing her insights and advice on how to develop your cultural intelligence: – the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. It is about becoming aware of cultural differences that exist, without needing to be an expert! It is about recognising and appreciating differences and having an understanding of these and accepting them.

Key Takeaway

Learn how to:

• Develop your sensitivities towards cultural differences

• Begin to understand and appreciate cultural diversity

• Improve your knowledge and skills for effective communication

• Enhance your personal interactions and create positive outcomes

• Recognise clues: key patterns of cultural difference

• Know when to ignore cultural and accent differences and when to acknowledge and explore them

• Advance your own personal, professional and organisational development through a deeper exploration of cultural and linguistic diversity

Lead, Motivate and Manage With Purpose

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Your ability to lead and motivate people is critical to your success as a manager.

As a leader, you know one of your key tasks is to keep your team motivated. To do so, you need to incorporate the:


Key Takeaway

• Create clear and achievable goals

• Generate energy and enthusiasm

• Be the expert of change – understand how to be flexible and adaptable

• Know your people to create team cohesiveness

• Formulate conscious communication tools

• Understand your purpose

• Build courage to take risks

• Be proficient in handling objections and difficult conversations

• Develop a continuous learning environment

• Create team care culture – understand your values, vision and practices

Resilience and Stress Management

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Psychological resilience is defined as “an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity.”

Key Takeaway

Factors Resisting Change:        Solutions:

• Loss of Control                               • Involve everyone in planning and ownership

• Uncertainty                                     • Inspiring visions and sense of security

• Surprise, Surprise                          • Plant seeds early, help prepare for change

• Loss of Face                                     • Celebrate past success

• Concerns of competence           • Train and educate competence, simple and clear processes

• More work                                       • Be honest, transparent and monitor

Customer service - (first Impressions, lasting results)

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First Impressions – Lasting Results

Welcome to a world where customer service is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition. Our customers are diverse and have many different needs they expect us to fulfill. We know some things about our 21st century employees and customers that we never knew before – this is the ever changing emotion-driven world of:

Key Takeaway

Customer Service – Time to go the extra mile!

How You Will Benefit:

• Uncover the true definition of customer service

• Understand that internal and external customers desire the same thing

• See that good customer service helps you as well as the customer

• Learn the benefits of quality, consistency, and first impressions

• Be able to determine customer needs by effectively understanding customer requirements

• Be able to effectively read body and energy language


What Topics Are Covered:

• What is customer service and the critical elements

• The different types of customers

• Body and energy language

• Handling difficult conversations

• Proactive vs reactive service standards (mind-set for success)

• Service PRIDE – Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence

Selling smarter - The art of sales

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This action packed key note presentation is fast paced and fun, created for you to enhance your customer satisfaction and strike rate. Most people don’t realise they have been selling all their life. The simple art of selling is a skill, that anyone can achieve through training and practice. It’s no secret that the sales industry continues to change and evolve rapidly. This is an exciting and dynamic profession, although it is often underrated and misunderstood. The back-slapping, high pressure, joke telling sales person has dis- appeared. In their place is a new generation of sales professionals: business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, office staff with the characteristics of honestly, trustworthiness, and competence. For many businesses, the owner and every team member needs to understand the basic and fundamental skills required to master the art of sales.

Key Takeaway

Learning Outcomes from the Sales & Leadership Presentation:

• The art of negotiating

• Handling objections

• Closing a sale

• Powerful presentations

• Body and energy language

• Mind set for success

• Using cultural intelligence

• Establishing & building networks

Handshakes that sell - Hack your meet and greet 

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Catherine Molloy delivers a set of communication tools specifically developed to empower businesses looking to arm their frontline staff with skills that will radically improve business growth and success. This presentation outlines how the power is in your hand to make that great first impression, with only 7 seconds to impress. Hacking the meet and greet will allow everyone to consciously meet with their clients and create likeability for lasting results.

Key Takeaway

The key learning points from Hacking The Meet and Greet are:

• Learn to consciously connect with all styles of people

• Create a level playing field for all parties to achieve win-win results

• Hack your meet and greet…small tweaks for big results

• Develop your Million Dollar Handshake

• Understand your first 7 seconds for success


Service that sells (go the extra mile  customer service & sales)

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Do you sometimes feel you haven’t connected in the way you would like? Our customer service workshops are contextualised to your business needs we offer half day, full day, and even two day interactive workships. Customer Service is about recognising and appreciating differences and understanding the hidden meaning in body language.

Too often the customers feels like they are being “pushed” into buying a product. Sales and Service people need to ask the right question and know how to lead the conversation naturally towards the benefits of the customer. Most people don’t realise they have been selling all their life. The simple art of selling is a skill, that anyone can achieve through practice and our training workshops.

Key Takeaway

Learning Outcomes from the Sales and Service Workshop:

• Uncover the true definition of customer service

• Understand the internal and external customers desire the same thing

• Effectively read body and energy language

• Uncover the hidden art of negotiation

• Understand how customers buy

• Create a mindset for success

• Handle objections and close the sale

• Understand how to be culturally aware

• Learn the benefits of quality, consistency and first impressions

• See that good customer service is healthy for you as well as the customer

Body Language Boot Camps (Connect & Communicate)

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Body language can make or break our efforts to establish long, trusting relationships. Our body language can help to reinforce and add credibility to what we say, or it can contradict our words. Understanding what signals you are sending, as well as being able to read the signals that your clients send, is an essential skill in sales and throughout our lives.

Key Takeaway

Throughout the presentation you will learn:

• How to apply your knowledge of body language to improve communication, sales and service

• Understand the impact of space in a conversation

• Understand the nuances of body language

• Develop The Million dollar handshake


Planning For Peak Performance

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Time Management & Professional Development


Key Takeaway

In this workshop Catherine will present the following topics for Planning for Peak Performance:

• Setting Goals

• Setting a Routine

• Putting an End to Procastination

• Managing Our Workload

• Planning Tips and Tricks

• Doing it Right

• Getting Organised

• Changing Our Perspective

Team cohesion (building a team & creating a fun learning environment)

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Team cohesion is the degree to which individual members want to contribute to the group’s ability to continue as a functioning work unit. Members of cohesive teams have emotional and social bonds that link them to one another and to the group as a whole.


Key Takeaway

In this workshop Catherine will present the following topics:

• Team Cohesion

• Successful Performance

• Team player’s satisfaction

Thinking creatively (mind mapping, goal setting & six hat thinking)

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Brainstorm: Stuck for ideas? Got a big project but not sure where to start?

Mind-mapping allows you to develop ideas quickly and in a logical way. It allows you to change, link and delink ideas as you gather your thoughts and analyse the task on hand.

Top-level athletes, successful business-people and achievers in all fields set goals. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

Partnering to deliver Nationally Recognised Qualifications and certificate pathways for school students, university students and adult learners:

  • - Diploma of Business
  • - Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • - Cert IV in Business
  • - Cert IV in Leadership and Management
  • - Enquire for Hospitality and Retail


International Sales and Leadership Conferences

Auspac  has worked closely with the Xiamen Municipal Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, to present a seminar workshop titled  “Enhance your cultural awareness in International Communication”