Who Builds A Business: Finders, Minders Or Grinders?

A business needs all three elements – finders, minders and grinders – to be effective.

The theory of having finder, minder and grinder personality types as part of a team is not new but is valuable when looking at how to operate and grow.

Finders love the excitement of creating new business and finding opportunities to forge new relationships. They have a ready handshake and love the adrenaline rush of working with new clients. They are creative and solutions orientated. Finders tend to think quickly and move fast.

Minders love nurturing customers, the business and the team – making sure everyone is happy and all is going well. They find satisfaction in service roles. They organise the how, what, when, and who to ensure tasks gets done.

Grinders are the people who do the work. They are the cogs of a business, turning out outcomes and providing services – whether a scientist in the lab, a blue collar worker on the factory floor ar a professional administration officer, they keep the operation running. Concise and analytical, they enjoy knowing what needs to be done and doing it the best of their ability.

Each group think they are indispensable to the business. Of course, they are all correct.

Without finders you would have no new business and no new projects for your team to work on. Without minders you would miss your deadlines and fail to focus on your goals. And without grinders, nothing real would ever get delivered to your clients.

But, how many teams do you know where everyone is exactly the same personality types as the boss? Naturally, we tend to choose people who are similar to us and complimentary about us. However, when we hire mini-mes, we don’t tend to cover all bases.

What we need are people who bring skills that are complementary to our own, ensuring we have an effective, well-rounded team with which to build and grow.

Have a look at where you fit best. Work towards your strengths. Make sure you have the right team to cover your weaknesses – or an excellent training company to identify and develop the tools and types you need to make it happen.

Occasionally, all three types are found in one super-worker – the type that can carry all three roles and flip between them with ease. Value them as you would value a rare gem.

So who are YOUR minders, finders and grinders?

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