Rather than trying to do everything well, we decided to just do a few things brilliantly.

Our Focus

We are more than a group of educators we are unique. We focus on delivering solutions that keep customers coming back time and time again.

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Building Trust by Providing Quality Education

" Education is not preparation for life Education is life itself "

John Dewey         

Quality is at the heart of education and what takes place in the learning environments is fundamentally important to the future of all learners. A quality education is one that satisfies and enriches the lives of learners and their overall experience of living.

We improve all aspects of the quality of your learning experience  and ensure excellence through bespoke programmes  that have recognisable and measurable learning outcomes.

At Auspac Business Advantage we provide the care factor in your learning experience

Energy contributes to the success of any business

You need to create energy and continually challenge yourself. The way you approach a task, speak with a client, run a project if you do it with energy and enthusiasm everyone wants to get on board. When your team and clients are energised by you and your products and services, this will lead to more referrals,sales and job satisfaction. As a business owner if you are not passionate and energised by what you are doing how can you possibly continue to inspire those around you?

It’s all in the PLAN

“This is necessary because… Without a plan – how will you know where your business is heading?”

Without setting SMART goals that align with your business plan, it is difficult to see if you achieved what you set out to and reward yourself and your team when you get there. To achieve maximum results, I believe that team members need to know how to set SMART goals for their daily and monthly tasks. This will assist with business success, as team members will also look forward to achieving their own personal goals and receiving rewards.


“The more you care about every aspect of your business, the better the customer service will be that you provide”

This is necessary because customer service can differentiate you from your competitors. By knowing and understanding the products and services you offer, it is easier to meet and care about the customers’  needs and add value by offering ‘add on and up sells’ that they may require. Caring about the customer is the highest priority as happy customers are loyal customers who continue to make quality referrals.



Adaptability to change is necessary for any successful business to survive. Change is necessary because in an ever changing world that we live in, our businesses must be flexible enough to meet our client’s needs or they will be looking elsewhere for the service they require.

With clear processes in place and a focus on cross-skilling, staff can move between roles and adapt to new projects and business growth. As a business owner/manager I have made it a priority to be across all existing role requirements and processes to ensure we continue to deliver, improve and be adaptable.

COMMUNICATION build better relationships

We speak so loudly without saying a word -never underestimate what your body is saying and how to communicate   through training and education to understand yourself and others better.

Successful business grows through word of mouth, building business relationships through networking, referral groups and my favourite, happy and satisfied clients. Giving back to the community also provides an opportunity to build quality relationships and make a positive impact.

"If you look after your staff, your staff will look after your business. If you look after your business relationships, they will look after you” Communication is the key to better relationships!


Driven by a passion for perfection and a commitment to doing it right.

Who We Are

We are a team of nationally accredited trainers that create programs to provide business solutions for you, your business and your clients. By drilling down and understanding your vision we are able to deliver outcomes that are measurable and achievable. Being passionate about what we do leads our clients to be focused on their outcomes.

"It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. …Charles Darwin.”

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Why Choose Us?


    a specific area you need help with


    Deliver the solution and monitor the results


    We design the solution
    and make it shine


    Refine the outcome
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    Our Approach

    Our vision
    Educate Innovate Succeed

    Our Vision is to be recognized as a major leader in the field of training, facilitation and to create a platform for all people to connect and communicate worldwide.

    Our mission

    At Auspac Business Advantage we innovate, energise and empower through training, education and support to deliver positive outcomes for personal and business growth and increase clients net worth nationally and internationally.

    Our commitment

    Our unwavering commitment to you is in the form of 100% support at all times. Staying up to date and educated in the latest delivery techniques and leading the field in communication.
    We apply the care factor to our programmes -
    Customers are really everything for your business and ours. See our testimonials.

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    Meet the Auspac team. The people behind the scenes, who ensure your success...


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